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Patient centric, nature-friendly global hospital

The Chosun University Hospital, since its opening in 1971 with 19 medical departments and 200 hospital beds with the goal of making contributions towards the improvement of the national health through medical treatment, education and researches, has established itself as the best private university hospital in Honam region of Korea as the result of the continued advancements through designation as the official hospital for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, execution of agreement as collaborating hospital with the Budang Seoul National University Hospital in 2004 and execution of the agreement as cooperative hospital for medical treatment with the Yenben City Hospital in Gilin Province, China.

Patient centric, nature-friendly global hospital

We are playing the leading role in the treatment of severe diseases in each of the areas by offering particular treatment through the disease-centered specialization by various centers including the Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, Diabetes Center, Spine Center, Emergency Medical Treatment Center for Trauma and Comprehensive Health Improvement Center.


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